Crypto in 2023 — Do bulls have a chance? Watch Market Talks on Cointelegraph

On this week’s episode of Market Talk, Cointelegraph welcomes Mohit Sorout, co-founder of Bitazu Capital, a proprietary algorithmic trading and investment management platform.

To kick things off this week, you can learn a little bit about Sorout, a background in finance and trading. We also delve into his skill set, trading style and unique approach to the crypto market. Hear his take on current Bitcoin (BTC) market sentiment and price trends. Will Bitcoin Finally Move to a Bullish Trend?

Volatility was generally low as things were pretty boring, but both Ether (ETH) and BTC are reporting record low volatility. What does this mean? Is this a positive or negative sign? What about altcoins? Not much is happening with the two major cryptocurrencies, so traders pay close attention to them do you need?

As much as we want to put an end to all the FTX fiasco, there is still a lot to unfold. We discuss whether it is likely to continue to influence the market. We’re also looking forward to the new year and trying to find other potential Black Swan events.

Next, I will be specific about Bitcoin and its price action. What is his vision for bitcoin price action, and how it all changed in 2023, on everything going on in the world, from the Fed’s fight against inflation to the strength of the dollar index. asks Sorout if

Stay tuned to the end for all these insights and more. We’ll also be open to questions and comments throughout the show, so be prepared.

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