Crypto Market Prices Are Going Up and Down Because of This

wahid pesarai

Crypto Market Price Direction Strangely Determined By Social Platform Sentiment In October, According To Santiment

Santiment, a behavioral analysis platform for cryptocurrency markets, pointed out new data linking volatile price behavior in cryptocurrency markets with sentiment on social platforms.and TweetSantiment said in October that the price direction was dictated by calls of bulls and bears on social platforms despite negative long-term sentiment.

In particular, prices have moved in the opposite direction to the sentiment of the social media crowd. It highlights that the price fell following the bullish social sentiment on the day.

The data is not surprising as it has been noted that market sentiment has a strong impact on crypto as Santiment data shows. FOMO), although following a pattern of bullish emotions. A bearish sentiment leads to Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) with a downturn.

Is Bitcoin likely to surge in price based on trends?

Bitcoin (BTC) could surge due to a reversal of the role sentiment plays in the market. Bitcoin’s fear and greed index, which measures market sentiment, is currently in extreme fear readings and in strong bearish territory. data.


While general market sentiment is bearish, some observers kept going strong in BTC. BTC is trading around $19,160, up 0.61% in the last 25 hours, according to data from. coin market capitalization at the time of this writing.

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