Decentral Games announces a strategic partnership with Coingecko

  • Decentral Games and Coingecko are releasing a limited edition ICE Poker skin NFT.

  • The two entities will also host a metaverse drop party in Decentraland.

  • Decentral Games and CoinGecko Release Another 10,000 ICE Poker Today

Decentral Games and Coingecko Partner to Launch NFT

Decentral Games has announced a strategic partnership with CoinGecko, the world’s largest independent cryptocurrency data aggregator. The partnership will see the two entities work together to launch a limited edition ICE Poker skin NFT and host a Metaverse drop party.

According to a press release shared with Coinjournal, the CoinGecko skin will allow users to play ICE Poker and enter Sit-n-Go tournaments for free. Decentral Games added that players can also wear this skin around the Decentraland metaverse to become her iconic CoinGecko Gecko.

this latest cryptocurrency news This comes after the launch of 10,000 ICE Poker skin NFTs through CoinGecko’s loyalty program, the Candy Reward store, on Wednesday, December 7th.

The ICE Poker skins didn’t last long as the Congecko community redeemed the entire 10,000 skins within 24 hours. Commenting on this latest development, Decentral Games CEO Miles Anthony said:

“The unprecedented interest in the CoinGecko x ICE Poker Tournament exclusive wearable airdrop is amazing. All 10,000 were claimed within 24 hours! We look forward to welcoming the community to Decentral Games and the Metaverse.”

Coingecko and Decentral Games Host a Drop Party

Bobby Ong, COO and co-founder of CoinGecko also commented:

“Decentral Games’ ICE Poker is one of the leading metaverse games you can play and win. We are honored to be given the opportunity to launch the ICE Poker wearable.”

Thanks to this partnership, Decentral Games and Coingecko have announced the release of an additional 10,000 ICE Poker skins through the Candy Reward store on December 12th. All CoinGecko ICE Poker skins will be airdropped on Friday, December 16th, Decentral Games added.

In the spirit of their partnership, Decentral Games and CoinGecko will co-host the Metaverse Drop Party in Decentraland on Wednesday, December 21st at 9 PM EST.

Decentral Games is a project building games and social experiences in the metaverse that reach hundreds of thousands of visitors each month.

CoinGecko, on the other hand, provides comprehensive information from thousands of data points including price, trading volume, market capitalization, developer power, community stats, and more. Currently, he tracks over 13,000 crypto assets from his 500+ exchanges worldwide.

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