Digitisation in Africa Accelerated by Codebase Technologies and Fortek Partnership

FortecFast-growing Ghanaian financial platform service provider has announced a strategic partnership with code base technology, an open API banking solution provider. Both companies share a vision to accelerate digitization and inspire entrepreneurship in Africa. They want to grow the economy by meeting the growing demand for affordable, accessible and transparent digital financial services in the region.

Fortek was born out of a desire to foster development and financial inclusion by enabling incumbent financial institutions, fintechs and other companies to bring new financial solutions to market. Through this partnership, Fortek will leverage Codebase Technologies’ Digibanc SaaS platform to enhance its existing services. It also enables new fintechs, banks and start-ups to get to market faster and more cost-effectively to launch their digital products and services.

Hosted by Fortek, Digibanc SaaS enables new financial services brands to launch innovative services.they can enter african market Not just to compete with more affordable cutting-edge technology, but faster. As a result, this will help drive innovation in Ghana and across the continent, facilitating greater financial inclusion for over 1.4 billion Africans.

Felix QuaccoManaging Director of Fortek commented on the partnership: We want to fill a gap that traditional institutions have long ignored.

Partnership goals

“We create solutions that work for anyone, anywhere, anytime, and partnering with like-minded technology partners like Codebase Technologies confirms we are heading in the right direction. This partnership will enable us to push the digital banking landscape further and meet the current and future needs of our customers, resulting in our team addressing the very real and relevant concerns of our customers in Ghana. I am sure it will help.”

Codebase Technologies’ Digibanc SaaS platform offers a full range of digital banking and fintech components in a legacy, core-agnostic, cloud-native deployment model. The platform includes off-the-shelf components that are highly customizable to launch fintech propositions. This ranges from digital onboarding, omnichannel and instant lending to regulatory reporting, payments, BNPL and more.

Built using Fortek-hosted APIs and ready-to-market fintech components, the new platform allows subscribers to flexibly scale and adapt to changing customer expectations and improve their offerings or services. All aspects can be added, removed and customized on the fly. By working with Codebase, Fortek will ultimately be able to offer a wide range of innovative banking, financial and payment products that meet the current and future needs of our customers.

Commercial Director and Africa MD, Codebase Technologies Pole nilsen, added: Modernizing your services and harnessing the power of today’s technologies, such as the cloud and APIs, to improve and innovate your customer experience is the backbone of your success.

“It is really encouraging to see Fortek combine an already strong product with our Digibanc SaaS platform. We’ll see things together.”

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