Dogecoin-rival Bonk records 380% gains since turn of year

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Dogecoin’s competitor Bonk has seen explosive growth, posting a 380% profit since the beginning of the new year.

Strong price performance drives token to record $0.000000972799 At the early hours of January 3 (UTC).

A few details are available on tokens.For example the whitepaper does not appear to be linked website At press time, CoinMarketCap has provided little background information on the project.

However, since trading opened on December 29, BONK has registered a 653% gain. Similarly, trading volume has snowballed in the last 24 hours, 1,800% Over $5 million.

Bonk chart
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The arrival of the Solana-based meme token comes at a time when the chain is facing a crisis of confidence over its relationship with the infamous FTX exchange.

Bonk Hype goes into overdrive

Mentions of Bonk on social media are flooding users’ timelines.

Posts contain mentions of airdrops, giveaways, meme posts, and comments keep When unity The Solana community during this difficult time.

However, many posts are also privately promoted by known fake accounts.

Nevertheless, interest in the project is growing, as evidenced by Bonk’s strong price performance. Solana’s leading NFT marketplace is volume, magic edencited Bonk as a candidate for platform integration.

“It’s a new year. Perhaps we should integrate some new cryptocurrencies or chains

should we start with $BONK? got it”

what do we know

There is no shortage of dog meme coins in the crypto market. Last spring, Shiba Inu came close to overtaking the original in terms of market capitalization, but to date, no one has succeeded in pushing Dogecoin out of the top dog position.

according to Bonk websiteand like Dogecoin and other Inu tokens, this project is “by people, for people”, five trillion Tokens airdropped to wallets, early open book traders, Solana artists, collectors and developers who participated in the top 40 Solana NFT projects.

This project is a direct result of the “Toxic ‘Alameda’ Tokenomics” and aims to bring back fairness and fun to the Solana community.

A Bonk contributor was fed up with the toxic “Alameda” tokenomics and wanted to create a fun meme coin that gave everyone a fair chance.

As of 11:00 UTC on January 3rd, MEXC Exchange List Bonk trading with USDT pairing.

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