Duchess of York Drops art on Nifty Gateway

You probably know that NFTs as an asset class have gone global as loyalty is about to join the action. Yes, royalty. Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, has announced the launch of not only NFT’s collection, but her entire gallery of digital displays to display them.

Get a Royal NFT!

The gallery is reportedly scheduled to open on December 22, 2022.To set up this project, the Duchess Nifty Gateway The first exhibition is called “Gateway to the Self”.

The Duchess is the face of the event, but it’s not just her art that gets the spotlight. While the names of the other artists have yet to be announced, Ferguson said he commented on how NFTs could help the art world, stating that “traditional aesthetics are new in this modern viral world.” You can find life,” he said.

Nifty’s team also expressed excitement for the upcoming event, saying the Duchess’ participation will provide more validation for NFTs. Because the more high-profile figures (royalty in this case) step into his NFT, the more they gain global recognition and the more likely they are to be accepted by the general public.

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