NFT Inspect to Close its Doors Forever

Following a rollercoaster year at Web3, some projects like NFT inspection, unfortunately their doors are permanently closed. The NFT analytics firm has announced it will scale back operations later this month due to industry volatility.

NFT Inspect has become a popular investigative tool for evaluating and tracking NFT collections and communities during last year’s bull market. As a result, it brands itself as “Web3’s Social Intelligence Layer” by allowing users to:

  • Track views to assess the reach of NFT profiles.
  • Find the most popular NFT communities based on collection rankings.

Why is NFT Inspect shutting down?

The company made the announcement on Twitter on January 3.rd:

“After months of work and rework, we have come to the difficult conclusion that Inspect cannot be maintained going forward.” NFT Inspect noted the turmoil of 2022 in the Web3 space. Last year, 2022 has certainly had many ups and downs for NFT projects and brands.

The NFT community is understandably lamenting the loss of NFT Inspect, a very useful and easy-to-use investigation tool. Despite its non-existence, as long as it is available, the value provided can be appreciated.

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