Nordic Subtonomy Expands to Africa to Ease Gen Z Customer Support Demands

subtonomyNordic network experience platform provider joins africacom South Africa (November 8-10, 2022), providing digital customer support services to Africa.

Africa’s digital revolution

It’s time to reassess Africa’s place in the global digital market. Affordability and availability issues have long held back, but the emergence of cheap smartphones and the ubiquitous high-capacity mobile he network has provided a great springboard for growth. Internet-savvy young Africans are optimistic and opportunistic about technology, using it as a platform for their creativity, entrepreneurship and thirst for education.

Already a global leader in mobile money, Africa is poised to leap forward, unencumbered by legacy technologies and processes and empowered by a young demographic. Already having more smartphone users than North America, Sub-Saharan Africa will have 474 million internet users (39% of the population) by 2025.

New demands on networks, new expectations of customers

Whatever the purpose of using their mobile phones, such as banking, searching for jobs, shopping, creating, listening to music or watching their favorite shows, young Africans are far exceeding their parents’ expectations for mobile phone service.

The future of the African mobile market may look rosy, but it is not without challenges. Over the next few years, African operators will have to deal with onboarding a large number of new customers and find cost-effectiveness as they move from 3G to 4G, from feature phones to smartphones, from simple to complex services. You need to support your customers in an effective way.

As if this wasn’t enough, the expectations of Gen Z customers in Africa are also rising rapidly. Like their social media friends around the world, they expect uninterrupted, high-quality service backed by his world-class 24/7 customer support in the event of a problem. doing. If they can’t figure it out, they’re more than ever willing to walk away.

And this is exactly where African operators can benefit from the experience of other mobile-first markets such as Nordics. has been developed over a long period of time. For example, a Subtonomy customer has already automated 75% of his customer support on digital channels and improved contact center efficiency, reducing escalations by 60% and processing calls 47% faster.

Future-proof support

Things move fast in Africa, making it difficult for operators to manage change in a cost-effective manner or predict what their support operations will look like in the years to come. Will future African customers receive virtual reality-based support or support via digital assistants? You need to innovate your customer support offerings and prepare for what’s to come, while reducing disruption.

Subtonomy’s network equipment platform acquires data from existing sources such as legacy probes (Amdocs, Anritsu, Commprove, Empirix, Exfo, Polystar, Radcom, Tektronix, Teoco, Viavi, etc.), BSS and OSS, cell data, device data, etc. 360° real-time view of the actual customer experience to enhance comprehensive 24/7 support.

“As the African mobile market matures, customers will come to expect better support from operators. herring and shava recently pointed out, two of the biggest sources of support frustration are operator reliability (doing nothing when they say) and responsiveness (talking to customers when they are trying to not notify). ” Andreas jerbeckCEO, Subtonomy.

“We are proud to have helped our clients solve these problems in the Nordics. We look forward to helping them provide both competitive advantages.”

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