Ontario court documents describe kidnap, ransom, torture of $41M crypto scammer

new court Aiden Pretelski’s case, Canada’s self-proclaimed “crypto king,” previously disclosed his kidnapping and torture over three days in December 2022 as a result of a failed crypto investment scheme. Details that have not been disclosed have been clarified.

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Pretersky, once billed as the “Crypto King” by his peers, has been accused of misleading investors by promising to invest in cryptocurrencies and foreign exchange.

A bankruptcy trustee’s report filed earlier this year said Pleterski had raised a staggering $41.5 million from investors.

However, according to newly released court documents, Pleterski’s investment activity has fallen significantly short of expectations.

According to the survey, Pleterski spent nearly 38% of the funds raised (about $16 million) on personal expenses such as renting a private jet, taking a luxury vacation, and buying a luxury car.

kidnapping, torture, ransom

Pleterski’s father testified to the trustee that his son was kidnapped in the middle of the night and brutally tortured and beaten during a three-day confinement while driving through southern Ontario. The trustee’s report further reveals that Pretersky’s landlord received a ransom call demanding his $3 million for his release.

Three days later, according to court documents, Pretersky was released from captivity.

A bankruptcy filing dated March 16 states that creditors are only out $25 million, and those who invested the remaining $16 million may be seeking repayment through other means. is shown.

In a statement filed with the Ontario Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Court, Pleterski said of his failed investment plans:

“You could say greed reigned. I was taking a very aggressive position and trying to make returns that were clearly not feasible or not always possible at the time, but it was more It caused a lot of losses.”

Ontario court documents describe the kidnapping, ransom, and torture of a $41 million cryptocurrency scammer, first appearing on CryptoSlate.

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