Polygon powers Indian police complaints on blockchain portal

Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal says blockchain portals will greatly improve the quest for justice.

According to details released earlier this week, the Indian Police have launched the country’s first complaints portal powered by the Polygon blockchain.

As Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal shared on Wednesday, the portal is for “first information reports (FIR)” and was developed for the Firozabad Police Department in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Police Complaints About Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies may face further regulatory hurdles from the Indian government, but the adoption of blockchain technology continues to grow.

One of the major news this week is the Firozabad police piloting a new blockchain-powered system.

announced this week,Police Complaints About Blockchain‘ is built on Polygon’s modular blockchain and provides a customized network for specialized functions. In this case, the system enables FIR accessibility to help reduce instances of report manipulation and block such reports system-wide.

According to Firozabad Police, anyone wishing to file a complaint can do so via a special QR code available at all Firozabad police stations.

FIRs (First Information Reports) are done on the blockchain, so lower-level officials cannot deny FIRs, especially when people can take advantage of online platforms and submit these along with their identities.This could be a game changer in securing the right to justice‘ explains Nailwal. Tweet.

Users will benefit from features such as transparency and immutability of submitted reports. This is what was missing among allegations of corruption among officers.

Kashif Raza, founder of Web3-focused platform Bitinning, said Polygon’s enhancements to complaint portals will make reporting easier and more verifiable.

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