Pplpleasr Directs New Linkin Park Music Video

Commemorating the 20th anniversaryth Commemorating the release of the second album “Meteora”, linkin park has released a new music video with a highly acclaimed NFT artist as the main director, Pplpleasr. of “lost” The song was recorded during the sessions for “Meteora” It came out in 2003, but was never released.

Released last Friday on Linkin Park’s official YouTube channel, ‘Lost’ shows just how far the band has come since their early days. Most of its members have been involved in his wave of internet nexts, which is strongly reflected in the music video.

Video is directed by Emily “pppleasr” Yang and Maciej Kuciara are both co-founders of the Web3 video platform, Shibuya, featuring Mirai, the protagonist of Shibuya’s NFT-based anime web series. “White rabbit.”

The Lost video credits Shibuya as an animation video production company, and AI startup Kaiber is also listed as a supporting studio. For those in the dark, Kaiber is an AI studio that can generate animated video footage based on the details you enter.

As for Shibuya, this is a video platform where users can purchase Ethereum NFT Producer Passes that allow them to vote on the type of content they want to create. You can view this content for free at any time. However, only NFT holders have the power to shape narratives.

There may be more content based on this Linkin Park music video

Having said that, “white rabbit” Shibuya’s first project. Interesting to see main character Mirai in Linkin Park’s new music video. However, it’s not clear if there will be additional content related to this collaboration, such as merch or NFTs.

Some of Linkin Park’s artists are heavily involved with Web3, so this collaboration should come as no surprise to those who follow Linkin Park’s artists. For example, Reid and his vocalist Mike Shinoda have invested heavily in this area. He has already released several of his NFT projects, including artwork and a mixtape he called Ziggurats. In addition to being an avid collector of NFTs and investing in startups within the NFT space.

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