Real Vision’s Hive Mind Bot makes projection in favour of LUNA and ETH

  • The Real Vision Hive Mind Bot is popular for outperforming the top 20 crypto assets combined by more than 20%.
  • Terra’s LUNA retakes the top spot as the most weighted digital asset

Real Vision’s Hive Mind bot, notorious for outperforming the top crypto assets on the market, revealed this week’s portfolio valuation and found Terra to be the most weighted digital asset.

Real Vision Bot conducts surveys of traders to understand crypto-related data and uses it to establish algorithmic portfolio valuations based on the Hive Mind. The latter is a consensus that understands the general consciousness and behavior of a group of people and decides which direction to go next.

This data processing bot was co-created by quantitative analyst/hedge fund executive Moritz Seibert and statistician Moritz Heiden.

Ripe altcoins

Via Tweet share On Monday, Real Vision unveiled information showing four assets that are ripe for investors to invest in and earn returns. General trader sentiment favored Terra as he was the most weighted asset, with 70% of participants voting in favor of him. Ethereum also fell right behind with a figure of 70%.

Bitcoin, the world’s leading digital asset, ranked third with 67% of those surveyed voting overweight, while Solana’s SOL ranked fourth with a figure of 60%. Participants also found it ideal to invest in other major asset classes such as Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom and Polkadot.

As far as actual portfolio quotas are concerned, most of the study participants belong to the Polygon camp.Layer 2 scaling solution lead with a figure of 17.4%. Terra’s 12.2% allocation placed him second, while Solana, Cosmos, and Avalanche could only see 11%, failing to round out the top five.

The portfolio also made its own allocations based on data gleaned from the survey. Terra is currently the most viable token with 31.8%, followed by Bitcoin at 23.6%. Ethereum, the leading smart contract platform, is his third most profitable asset for bots, accounting for 21.2%, while cross-chain decentralized exchange protocol THORChain is his fourth with 17.3% of the total. is. VeChain, Chliz and Filecoin are all below 3%.

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