Reap Leverages Fireblocks to Enable Crypto Repayments with the Reap Card

New York, USA, January 11, 2023, Chainwire

reapis a global fintech company empowering expense management through the industry’s first Reap Visa Corporate Card (“Reap Card”) platform, launching industry-leading innovation by including cryptocurrency repayment capabilities for the Web3 industry. increase. Along with the Reap card, Reap offers expense management software that enables web3 companies to settle fiat payments in cryptocurrencies.

Reap co-founder Daren Guo said: Traditional banks have failed to establish industry standards for these web3 businesses, so no seamless, scalable solution for converting cryptocurrency to fiat currently exists. Reap can now bridge the gap between web3 businesses and web2 fiat economies. ”

Security and stability are top priorities for customers using Web3 technology. To build a trusted ecosystem, Reap integrates with its easy-to-use platform, Fireblocks, to create new blockchain-based products and manage day-to-day digital asset operations.

Stephen Richardson, Senior Vice President of Financial Markets at Fireblocks, added: Reap’s solutions improve the operational efficiency of web3 projects, giving founders and project owners more peace of mind to focus on building innovative products. Enabling the next generation of digital assets, he is proud to work with an innovative company like Reap. “

Reap Card simplifies the process of settling fiat global payments seamlessly using USDC, USDT, BTC, and ETH, solving the problem of high fees involving multiple offramp parties. Digital provider Gnosis uses the service to see first-hand how Reap Card streamlines complex currency conversion processes and billing issues, freeing executives’ time to focus on core business operations.

“As early adopters of Reap Card, we were able to leverage their innovative product suite to seamlessly settle fiat payments,” said Dosh, Communications and Marketing Team at Gnosis. says. “Reap’s solution has been particularly helpful in avoiding the difficulties and hurdles that often arise when trying to use cryptocurrencies to navigate traditional banking systems.”

Reap envisions a future where every business, regardless of size or industry, can reach their full potential by building and applying innovative financial solutions. Reap is committed to achieving success in all types of businesses to seize global opportunities in the ever-changing and competitive global marketplace.

About Leap

reap is a financial platform that enables businesses of all sizes to access and connect financially through innovation. Reap combines spend management software with innovative payment products, including his flagship Reap Visa Corporate Credit Card. Reap is committed to helping businesses achieve success by providing the best financial tools that evolve with their customers and markets.

Reap is backed by industry-leading investors including Acorn Pacific Ventures, Arcadia Funds, HashKey Capital, Hustle Fund, Fresco Capital, Abacus Ventures and Payment Asia. Reap was founded in 2018 and has expanded to his team of 40+ people working in offices in 7 countries.

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