South America-based exchange volume continues positive trajectory

South America continues to show positive monthly growth as trading volumes increase to a total of $8.35 billion.

January 2022 customer exchange volume by continent:

  • Asia: $662.5 billion
  • North America: $85.14 billion
  • Europe: $21.25 billion
  • South America: $8.35 billion

Monthly trading volume by region is an important metric for several reasons.

  1. Market Activity: Trading volume indicates the level of market activity and interest in a particular region.
  2. Market size: Trading volume can be used to estimate the market size of a particular region and compare it to other markets.
  3. Trading Opportunities: High trading volumes can indicate increased trading opportunities and liquidity in the region.
  4. Investment Decisions: Regional trading volume can be used as a factor in investment decisions. This is because regions with high trading volumes may be viewed as more attractive investment destinations.
  5. Market Trends: Changes in trading volumes can provide insight into market trends and market sentiment in a particular region.

Growth in the region is led by BTSE, a British Virgin Islands-based exchange founded by Jonathan Leung in 2018.

BTSE exchange volume distribution (24 hours, source: Coingecko, 31 January 2022.
BTSE exchange trading volume distribution. Source: Coingecko, 31 January 2022.

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