Web3 as Sound Drifts into the Voxels Metaverse –

One of the great selling points of the Web3 space is the promise of massive interoperability. A spectacular technological marvel that allows disparate platforms to blend ideas and themes with seamless simplicity. This was recently announced by a crypto-native musical duo, karma violettapushing the limits of the revolutionary Web3 music platform, sound.xyzinto a pixelated wonderland of the voxel metaverse.

A pioneer in the Web3 space

Earlier this month, KarmaVioletta launched pre-sale of their second song via the Sound.xyz platform. It features an innovative distribution process and additional discounts for existing collectors. Later that same day, the musical innovators cemented their Web3 credentials by hosting an epic gala party in the Voxels virtual world. Meanwhile, they announced a live performance of their back catalog of sweet songs.

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like much, but it’s this integration of platforms and their ability to coexist that makes Web3 stand out. Interoperability across these forms will therefore spearhead the next wave of Web3 adoption. Artists and collectors will be able to move their NFTs from one platform to the next sooner than you think, unlocking many great benefits for NFT owners within the Metaverse.

For now, this is an important first step in an epic journey down the Web3 rabbit hole, and one that sets the pace for what’s to come!

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