Wormhole exploiter moves $46M worth of stolen funds

The wormhole network abusers who stole approximately $325 million worth of assets over a year ago had a busy weekend. According to PeckShield, the hacker moved $150 million worth of stolen assets in January and shuffled more funds on February 12.

wormhole attacker attached $46 million worth of assets in MakerDAO to receive 16.6 million DAI tokens. Assets transferred to MakerDAO included 24,400 Lido Wrap Stake ETH (wstETH) worth $41.4 million and 3,000 Rocket Pool ETH worth $5 million.

The attackers then used the funds to purchase 9,752.24 ETH at a price of $1,537 per ETH, spending a total of approximately $14.9 million. The exploiter spent another $1.5 million to buy 1,036 staked ETH (stETH). According to PeckShield, the hacker wrapped his purchased Ethereum tokens to get around 9,700 wstETH.

Wormhole exploiters provided MakerDAO with $15 million worth of wstETH.

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