YouTuber baits MMA fighter into secretly shilling fake NFTs for $1K

YouTuber and crypto investigator Coffeezilla has revealed that American mixed martial artist Dillon Danis was promoting a fake NFT project, but did not reveal that he received $1,000 for the ad. yeah.

In the promotion, Danis tweeted a digital image along with the website URL. According to Coffeezilla, this “literally spells SCAM.” I check it when I check the authenticity of a new project.

Additionally, the website’s FAQ clearly states that no investor can get the “Sourz” NFT, an important piece of information that MMA fighters overlook.

The SourzNFT FAQ emphasizes that no one can get an NFT. Source: (CoffeeZilla)

A similar incident was reported by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in June 2021 when Kim Kardashian promoted the Ethereum Max (EMAX) cryptographic token to her 330 million Instagram followers. According to the SEC, Kardashian violated a securities law non-advertisement clause by failing to disclose his $250,000 he received for the promotion.

However, Coffeezilla immediately notified users who fell for the NFT Project scam.when the user clicks on “mint sours” button You will be redirected to a website warning of possible fraud (as shown in the screenshot above).

A webpage introducing a cryptocurrency project previously promoted by MMA fighter Dillon Danis. Source: (CoffeeZilla)

Coffeezilla plans to share more information about this through a follow-up video, but the incident is a strong reminder that influencers and investors do a thorough research (DYOR) before promoting or investing in a project. It’s something that makes you

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Japanese authorities have begun investigating blockchain use cases to solve a number of technical problems. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida recently spoke of “various possibilities for using Web3” in Japan.

Prime Minister Kishida addressing the Budget Committee on February 1. Source: YouTube

“With DAO, people interested in the same social issues can form new communities,” says Kishida. “NFTs can also be used to diversify a creator’s income and retain a very loyal fan base.”

Support from many celebrities fueled the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) boom in 2021 and 2022, but ultimately, unvetted projects were abandoned for purely personal financial gain. I decided to advertise to my fans. However, fraud remains popular in 2023 as the market begins to recover.