10 Big Money Airdrops Are Coming to Savvy Crypto Traders, According to Analyst – Here’s How to Capitalize

A widely followed crypto analyst has turned his attention to 10 upcoming airdrops and advised investors on how to take advantage of them.

Long thread, crypto strategist Miles Deutscher To tell His 257,000 Twitter followers keep an eye out for the next 10 airdrops. Airdrops are a great way for investors to make money, according to traders.

The first is the SEI Network (SEI), a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol. distribution 1% of the total token supply to beta testers who install the wallet, join the discord and use Vortex, a decentralized derivatives exchange.

Next up is the Airdrop for Celestia (TIA), the first ever modular blockchain.To receive A user must create a wallet, join a discord to get a testnet token, transfer the token to another wallet, and then create a node.

Next, Deutscher will focus on the airdrop of MetaMask (MASK), one of the most widely used cryptocurrency wallets on the market.To Gather Free tokens require traders to use the wallet’s own built-in exchange platform, use the Metamask bridge, donate to Gitcoin, use Gnosis Safe, and hold non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The fourth airdrop on our list is that of the interoperability blockchain, LayerZero (ZRO).To collection The airdrop requires users to vote in the protocol’s DAO, Stargate Finance, use project buildings in LayerZero, and operate in the community’s financial ecosystem.

Next on the list is the 5ireChain airdrop, the fifth generation blockchain. To participate, all traders need to do is participate in a survey. participate Apply and wait for approval.

The sixth crypto asset on the list is Layer 2 Ethereum (ethereum) scaling solution.To participate, traders must move Fund the protocol and exchange ETH for USD coins (USDC) to upload a file to a specific cloud, donate to Gitcoin, request a token, and then proceed to swap protocols.

Deutscher will next focus on the airdrop of smart contract platform ZetaChain (ZETA).To acquire that token, an investor must joining The discord confirms their identity and follows Twitter’s protocol to complete a series of tasks on its network.

The eighth cryptocurrency on the strategist’s list is the Quai Network (QUAI), a network of mined blockchains.To get the airdrop, the user must connection Add their Twitter and Discord accounts to the protocol’s dashboard and become active members of the project’s social media campaigns.

The final digital assets on our list are the layer 2 scaling solution Arbitrum (ARBI) and the decentralized social network Lens Protocol (LENS).To collect the Arbitrum airdrop, investors must bridge Pass assets from other Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains into the protocol, interact with Arbitrum’s decentralized applications, and participate in the project’s optimistic rollup, the Arbitrum Odyssey.

Finally, here’s what users have to do to collect the LENS airdrop: register Get an account and get a free Lens Protocol domain name.

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