1xBit adds Cosmos as payment option

Everything is in order so that no one is left behind. This is especially true for 1xBit, which crypto gambling site has just added ATOM tokens as a payment method on her website.

Given the advantages of the ATOM token, it is a welcome development for cryptocurrency and casino enthusiasts.

What is ATOM token

atom Tokens are the native cryptocurrency of the Cosmos blockchain. Suffice it to say that Cosmos is the name of the project and ATOM is the digital currency that powers the network.

DApps project founder Tendermint released the Cosmos whitepaper in 2016 to develop crypto projects that thrive where Bitcoin and early blockchains failed.

The sole goal of the Cosmos project is to develop faster, cheaper, and greener systems. These are all things that other coins lack.

Uniqueness of the Cosmos Project

You probably know that blockchain technology is a complex algorithm. However, the Cosmos project has set out to achieve that goal by creating an easy-to-understand, easy-to-code system for blockchain technology. Also, since the blockchain industry was facing the problem of fragmentation (every network exists independently as a separate entity), the developers of Cosmos wanted to increase interoperability between blockchain networks and ensure that all lines Allows more communication to occur in .

Suppose you are interested in sustainable and scalable projects. If so, Cosmos Network is for you, because projects seeking mainstream adoption must find ways to create networks that are faster and can withstand the increasing pressure of payment processing.

The above features are consistent with 1xBit’s goal of becoming a pioneer of a platform that makes everything easy for users. Cosmos is here to make your crypto betting experience even more convenient and bring us closer to the future.

With the latest version of the Cosmos project, we can see that the overall user experience of 1xBit is more attractive, from faster transaction speeds to lower fees.

Advantages of using 1xBit

1x bit It is a thriving project in the crypto gambling industry. Betting sites have delivered value to players year after year.

Even the addition of Cosmos as a new coin for online sportsbooks is nothing new, especially since the online site has over 40 cryptocurrencies available to all users.

I think other perks are useful. Some of these advantages are instant payouts for all trades, zero transaction fees (retain all earnings), and complete anonymity for all players.

On many sites, the registration process can be very stressful and tedious, but with 1xBit, all you need is your email address, so you can get started with one click and finish in less than a minute.

1xBit never hesitates to welcome new members.There are reward packages up to 7BTC First 4 deposits.


We are optimistic about what the future holds for everyone. Be part of the future with his COSMOS from 1xBit.

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