$200k+ raised as investors scoop CHANCER

  • Chancer’s pre-sale is now live and over 22 million CHANCER tokens sold out quickly, raising $214,000 at the start of a new era in the betting industry.
  • The price of $CHANCER is $0.01 in the first pre-sale stage, rising to $0.021 by the end of stage 12.
  • The $CHANCER token utility includes common platform engagement and validation nodes.

As seen in the past few weeks, there is renewed excitement among investors despite the headwinds that continue to dampen the upward momentum in the cryptocurrency market. That’s because the new decentralized betting platform, Chancer (CHANCER), has finally launched its token pre-sale.

And not surprisingly, over 22 million CHANCER tokens were sold within hours of the presale launch.

This means that the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency prediction market has dropped to $398 million, and tokens such as Gnosis (GNO), SX Network (SX), and Augur (REP) have fallen into cryptocurrency mega-cap Bitcoin. (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are struggling.

Web3 New Era of Social Betting: 22 million CHANCER sold within hours

As highlighted here, the Stage 1 phase of the pre-sale kicked off yesterday, immediately selling over 6.5 million tokens and garnering a lot of interest. In fact, Chancer’s pre-sale is booming as the betting industry welcomes a platform designed to transform the entire ecosystem.

As of this writing, investors have collected over 22 million tokens, all within hours of the presale launch. Over $214,000 has been raised so far.

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What is Chancer?

Chancer is being developed as the world’s first social prediction marketplace platform. The protocol is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) network and provides a platform to disrupt the gambling industry as we know it today.

This is because Chancer has a unique approach to betting and prediction markets, perfecting a decentralized model that gives users control over their bets.

How does Chancer work?

$CHANCER is the native token that powers the new platform, with which holders can create bets from virtually any event with a definite outcome. You can then bet on the odds and invite your friends and the wider social market community to join you.

So whether individuals are interested in predicting sports games, election results, or other events, Chancer provides that opportunity. Unlike traditional betting platforms and existing cryptocurrency prediction markets, Chancer does not act as a ‘house’. Rather, it is the individual members of the community who create the market for events, set the rules, and leverage smart contracts to earn rewards.

Token holders will also have the chance to participate in markets created by others, increasing the potential of the platform to become the largest Web3 social prediction site. The $CHANCER token gives the holder a direct stake in his Chancer and provides governance features among many other benefits.

Chancer validator nodes help ensure network security and full decentralization.

$CHANCER Tokennomics and Utilities

The total supply of Chancer will be 1.5 billion tokens. The whitepaper highlights that 65% of the 1.5 billion CHANCER tokens will be available to investors in 12 pre-sale stages.

As explained in the project’s whitepaper, Chancer’s aim is to provide control to the community, allowing not only decentralization but also greater revenue opportunities. Here is an overview of the tokennomics and utilities of the CHANCER token, including autonomy in creating betting markets, rewards and prizes, and stakes.

The Share2Earn model also benefits when users proactively promote their markets to their friends and the wider global community.

In addition to seeing $CHANCER increase in value as demand and network growth, holders can also increase their potential earnings through staking. Other than that, the Chacer Node operator gets his 50% of the transaction fees, and the stakers of that particular her Node share the remaining 50%.

Interested investors should note that the opportunity to become a node opened on Tuesday, June 13th, when the presale started. To learn more about Chancer’s tokenomics, read our white paper. accessible here.

Is the Chancer presale a good investment?

Pre-sales provide retail buyers with the opportunity to buy early, allowing investors to acquire tokens at deep discounts before general availability. Smart investors are taking advantage of the highly anticipated token pre-sale to scour the market for the next gem.

Investors should note that the Chancer platform is still in development and a successful presale must be accompanied by a working product. Also, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and unpredictable, and our target for when the token will go live on exchanges in Q3 may depend on overall market conditions.

But Chancer has outlined a gambling model that could potentially revolutionize the gambling industry. Its decentralized approach, which has eliminated the “house” model, and Web3 Social his new wave of interest in betting could be the cogs that establish Chancer as the go-to destination for all of the prediction markets.

Such a scenario could be great for CHANCER token holders, as demand for native utility tokens could have an upward impact on prices.

What is the price of Chancer?

The price of $CHANCER is $0.010 in this first phase, and the protocol will raise $1 million from 100 million tokens. The price of CHANCER will increase during the pre-sale, with a final token price of $0.021 before the public launch in Q3 2023. Users can purchase $CHANCER using BNB or BUSD (BEP20).

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