4 Reasons To Buy MCADE During Its Crypto Presale

Buying early in a cryptocurrency presale is a key factor in determining the magnitude of the return an investor will get, often the difference between big wins and life-changing gains. That’s why you can take a close look at expert opinions and help them identify the top cryptocurrencies.

Metacade It has already attracted a great deal of attention across the investment world as experts predict a bright future for disruptive new crypto presales.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is an exciting new project that aims to build the most comprehensive play-to-again arcade that allows gamers to earn money while playing.

The project is one of the hottest crypto presales and is celebrated for its extensive rewards mechanisms placed across the platform. Rewards can be used not only for gaming at all levels of competition, but also for non-gaming activities such as writing game reviews and sharing alpha. Anything that directly impacts the quality of user experience within the ecosystem is a revenue opportunity.

How does MCADE work?

Metacade team recently released white paper It has given investors a lot of clarity about the inner workings of the Metacade economy.

Since the MCADE token serves as the project’s currency, the price of the token is inherently tied to the growth of users on the platform, given the very high level of utility that the token provides. While growing, we have also carefully planned wider incentives such as staking options for MCADE holders to earn passive income. This makes MCADE a prime example of a top cryptocurrency.

The project is also recognized by the Metagrants program, which allows gamers to have a clear say in the direction of the platform. This is achieved by the development team introducing game ideas to the community and soliciting feedback, while MCADE holders vote to allocate funding to the most valuable projects. This sets a completely community-driven direction for his P2E game library in Arcade, producing the highest quality in the process.

Here are the 4 biggest reasons why MCADE could deliver astronomical returns to investors who secure their tokens at the bargain price offered in the presale.

1. Metacade is set to offer more P2E games than any other platform

While most projects in the GameFi space focus on a single gaming experience, Metacade is building a giant arcade that offers more P2E games than any other P2E game available to gamers today.

This means Metacade can accommodate many different ways to play. From casual gamers who want to take part in a quick game with friends to more serious competitive gamers who want to climb the leaderboards and beat the competition. Metacade also dramatically reduces the risks associated with his other GameFi projects that need to keep players engaged in her one game for extended periods of time.

Metacade is positioned to be the first to market with an innovative new approach, allowing it to benefit from network effects that make it very difficult for other projects to compete.

2. We are in an industry that explodes with growth

The gaming industry is already a huge and established market and continues to grow rapidly, so GameFi’s forecasts are even brighter, with the sector growing by: 10 times Traditional game speed.

This puts Metacade in a strong strategic position. Because you can easily target your potential user base and are ready to profit from the revenue potential offered by huge P2E arcades. Metacade is positioned right at the center of the GameFi movement, which means the project is very likely to capture a significant portion of the market.

Blockchain games are projected to reach $50 billion in market cap by 2025, so Metacade only needs to capture 4% of the market (with a market cap of $2 billion) while MCADE is worth $1. reach.

3. MCADE’s very extensive utility

The MCADE token is integral to the way the Metacade ecosystem works, and the highly useful token will see a corresponding increase in demand for Metacade as the number of Metacade users grows at the rate many analysts predict. It means that you are likely to

This is one of the most important factors for investors looking to earn big returns. This is because it means that the level of speculation and his FOMO in the cryptocurrency world will ebb and flow over time, while the demand for the token for basic usage of the product will remain unaffected. Hype.

MCADE’s utility is one of the key characteristics that make it a strong investment compared to most other projects.

4. Investor-friendly Tokenomics and Staking Opportunities

MCADE token supply is only 2 billion without inflation. This benefits investors as it helps preserve the value of each token by limiting the overall supply.

Metacade also offers staking, allowing MCADE holders to earn passive income on top of their core investment. This return will be paid in stablecoins to avoid dilution of the token supply. Design choices like this are a big draw for investors. Because we know that Metacade really cares about the return on your investment.

The Metacade project has taken the step of not only working to secure the value of its tokens from the start, but also being audited by the market’s leading crypto auditors. CertiKCertiK’s audit included extensive background checks of the Metacade team and formal verification of Metacade’s smart contracts. The audit also includes a line-by-line audit of Metacade’s blockchain, highlighting vulnerabilities and protecting investors from hacking.

Is Metacade a Good Investment?

The consensus of all respected cryptocurrency experts is that the Metacade cryptocurrency presale presents a tremendous investment opportunity for early entrants. That’s why in the 10 weeks since the project started pre-sale, he’s made an incredible $5.4 million.

You can participate in the MCADE presale here.

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