Addressable raises $7.5M to enable Web3 companies to acquire users at scale

Tel Aviv, Israel, January 31, 2023, Chainwire

addressableWeb3, an innovative end-to-end solution for marketing, today announced it has secured $7.5 million in a seed funding round led by Viola Ventures and Fabric Ventures, with participation from Mensch Capital Partners and North Island Ventures. . The funding will be used to accelerate the adoption and expansion of Addressable’s best-in-class solutions, including support for additional blockchain and social media integrations.

“Marketing is all about knowing your audience, but since crypto wallets are anonymized by design, Web3 marketers rarely know the age, country or purchase history of their audience,” said Addressable co-founder and Chief Scientist Dr. Asaf Nadler said. “In the face of anonymity, our solution enables her Web3 marketers to associate anonymous blockchain audiences with her social media activity, ultimately giving her the most value for Web3 growth today. It addresses significant barriers.”

Addressable’s SaaS solution provides Web3 marketing teams with a powerful platform to launch campaigns and match blockchain activity with social profiles to target new audiences more effectively. This precise targeting greatly reduces acquisition costs compared to the broad targeting of existing web2 tools. Major Web3 companies such as Polygon, Bancor, Immutable and Kryptomon are using Addressable’s technology to acquire new users at a time when his traditional Web2 marketing campaigns are no longer effective.

“The main barrier to growth in the Web3 era is the inability of marketers to reach their target audience simply because they don’t know much about them,” said Leon Stern, growth director at Polygon. say. “Most users aren’t paying attention to his Discord.

Addressable was founded by data analytics veterans Tomer Sharoni, Tomer Shlomo, and Dr. Asaf Nadler, who have over 20 publications on blockchain, machine learning, and big data.

Addressable CEO Tomer Sharoni said: “His unique ability to identify his Web3 audience on social media is a missing piece in Web3’s mass adoption.In today’s blockchain ecosystem, his Web3 Marketing SaaS is the only one that scales to user acquisition at scale. It’s a platform.”

Richard Muirhead, chairman and managing partner of Fabric Ventures, said: “Addressable’s Web3 Marketing Platform combines a compelling go-to-market opportunity for any Web3 business with the user-centric approach the sector so desperately needs. We are excited to join Addressable’s journey and welcome them to the Fabric family.” I am excited about it.”

“Addressable solves a big problem for web2 and Web3 companies who want to understand their Web3 audience,” said Omry Ben David, general partner at Viola Ventures. “Its platform allows marketers to connect the dots between on-chain blockchain data and off-chain social media accounts, use precise targeting to deliver a sharper value proposition, and deliver superior ROI. Coupled with the A-Class founding team, we believe Addressable is perfectly positioned to lead the web3 marketing stack category.

About Addressable
addressable A revolutionary end-to-end Web3 marketing solution. The company’s best-in-class SaaS platform provides the Web3 marketing team with a powerful platform to effectively target new audiences by matching blockchain activity with social profiles. Addressable is a trusted partner of major Web3 companies such as Polygon, Bancor, Immutable and Kryptomon. Founded by data analytics veterans Tomer Sharoni, Tomer Shlomo, and Dr. Asaf Nadler, Addressable has raised $7.5 million in a seed funding round led by Viola Ventures and Fabric Ventures.


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