Affyn’s “Generation Zero” NFT Collection sells out in 100 seconds

Singapore-based company Affyn, which uses blockchain-powered technology to develop mobile games with integrated geoposition and augmented reality capabilities, is within 100 seconds of the “Generation Zero” NFT collection. Was sold out. The collection, featuring a set of 400 “Generation Zero Buddy” (Gen 0) NFTs, sold out completely in record time.

NFTs are the first set to be fooled by “companies” into Affyn’s NEXUS World Metaverse.

Affyn’s “Generation Zero” NFT Utility

Unlike existing NFTs, which have very limited practicality, Affyn’s “Generation Zero” NFTs are interoperable between a variety of blockchain games and metaverses.

The first set of “Buddies” NFTs was sold for 2,995 FYN tokens per piece and featured a rare design and rarity classified as “myth”.

Affyn’s NFTs have gained high demand because of their unique features, rarity, practicality, and the reason they sold out quickly.

Lucaz Lee, Founder and CEO of Affyn, said of the successful sale of the NFT:

“The user participation we experienced during the 0th generation sale was overwhelming and encouraging. We sincerely thank the community for their enthusiastic support and trust in us. What in the coming months? I can’t wait to see if it will come. “

In addition to NFT interoperability Affyn is pioneering a game model with a sustainable play and earning economy that allows you to use the rewards you earn in the virtual world in the real world.

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