AI cryptocurrencies post strong performance suggesting burgeoning interest

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The artificial intelligence (AI) cryptocurrency sector grew 12.3% over the past 24 hours, making it the second fastest growing sector after cannabis.

Prominent top 10 AI cryptocurrency performers are cortexDeveloping machine learning models on blockchain rose 93.7%, fetchleveraging AI and automation for dApps and peer-to-peer applications, winning 33.7%.

Top 10 AI Cryptocurrencies

Analyzing the 30-day timeframe shows strong performance from Cortex, PlatOn, and Arcona, which currently rank 31st in the sector, while adding 108% to native ARCONA tokens in the past month. I was.

AI going viral

Crypto Twitter has been inundated with posts related to Lensa, an AI-powered selfie editor, and ChatGPT, a prototype chatbot that pretends to be human and does amazing work.

Using ChatGPT goes beyond having fun conversations to pass the time. The program can serve many applications such as coding and debugging, health advice, personal assistant tasks, generating marketing ideas, and other creative functions such as pitching movies.

According to Freelance Developer Agency’s “Chief Twitter Officer” lemon, Alexander Volodarskyis the impact of ChatGPT so much that its speed of uptake slows down the speed of uptake of Netflix, Meta, and Instagram.

Head of marketing for a life skills company Part 1, Zain Khan, ChatGPT warned that it highlights how AI will “forever change” the marketing industry. And based on the vast repertoire of skills and competencies, the impact on the sector could extend beyond the marketing industry alone.

If you’re not careful, you’ll quickly lose your job.

Are AI Capabilities Overrated?

A data scientist looking at ChatGPT features Sharad Joshi I pointed out that sometimes problems occur.

Joshi found that ChatGPT had trouble handling information that was split into multiple sentences. When ordering time events, we often focus on irrelevant details, especially when dealing with inconsistent numbers in a conversational context.

Experts say that what we know as AI is advanced machine learning, not the AI ​​depicted in science fiction that can generate human-like reactions without input. Nevertheless, as the popularity of ChatGPT shows, the technology is becoming mainstream.

@Issac_py recently posted a tweet thread about the possibilities of Web3/crypto and AI, concluding that the two complement each other and offer the best of both worlds in terms of efficiency and reliability.

For example, smart contracts + AI can be used to automatically apply payment terms or release funds when certain conditions are met.

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