Algorand throws hat in ring as Helium community begins vote on Solana migration


The Algorand (ALGO) network believes that Helium (HNT) is a better option than Solana (SOL), even as voting on transition proposals begins.

Two Algorand executives urged Helium developers to reconsider their stance on Solana, as ALGO’s network offers better options.

Algorand Chief Technology Officer John Woods ALGO’s blockchain meets Helium’s need for a “secure, robust and scalable chain,” he tweeted.

This view was also shared by Algorand founder and CEO Silvio Micali. Said Algorand is poised to support Helium on its “secure, scalable and truly decentralized blockchain.”

Borderless Capital, an Algorand-focused VC and Helium investor, is also asking wireless network developers to rethink their move to Solana.

Borderless Capital wants the community to stop voting on moving to Solana and consider proposals from other blockchain networks first.

Helium Considered Other Blockchain Network

Arman Dezfuli-Arjomandi, host of The Hotspot, a podcast focused on helium, share There are several reasons why HNT developers chose Solana over other chains.

According to the screenshots, the reasons include reliable scalability plans, a large and diverse ecosystem, other evidence of physical projects, transaction costs, stability and predictability of L1, and decentralization as a proxy. Includes the Nakamoto coefficient of .

Discord screenshot reveals developers considered other blockchains including Polkadot (DOT), Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), Avalanche (AVAX) and Algorand before settling on Solana I made it

Helium Community Begins Voting on Solana Migration Proposals

The helium community has already started vote Above HIP70 proposal.

The HIP70 proposal shows that the Helium network will “move Proof-of-Coverage and Data Transfer Accounting to dedicated Helium Oracles, and move Helium’s tokens and governance to the Solana blockchain.”

As of press time, over 2500 votes have been cast. 75% of those votes support his plan to move to Solana, while others oppose.

The voting period will continue for the next eight days.

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