“Amazon” Ethereum Name Service Sells for $1,000,000

Armand Sirinyan

Another record-breaking Ethereum name service contract may be signed

Ethereum name services are already destroying digital assets industryMore brands, businesses and influencers are looking for ways to flag the blockchain space by getting their own name service. Blockchain..

As the OpenSea page suggests, one of the world’s largest companies, ENS, is currently selling for $ 1 million following the latest bids put on the market by anonymous NFT investors.

ENS domain
sauce: High seas

On October 18, 2019, someone purchased the “amazon.eth” ENS domain for 100 ETH. At that point, it’s worth about $ 20,000. Later on February 8, 2022, someone purchased the amazon.ethENS domain for 33 ETH, or $ 102,000.

If the ENS domain finds a new owner, investors who buy digital assets in February will get a 1,000% profit in just a few months. It is not yet clear if the deal will be closed.


Anonymous investors who donated $ 1 million to domains are actively collecting various ENS domains according to their OpenSea page. This account also owns the domain “omozon.eth”, which is similar to Jeff Bezos’s name. Company..

The Ethereum Name Service is a naming system based on the Ethereum blockchain that translates long, unreadable blockchain addresses into something that the human eye can quickly process and enter.

ENS inherits and implements DNS technology in the blockchain, while having a completely different architecture thanks to the features of the Ethereum blockchain. The ENS web application allows users to send ETH and interact with other name services without having to remember and paste long blockchain addresses.

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