Amazon Web Services (AWS) Plans $4.5billion Investment Alongside Australia Region Launch

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched its second “AWS Infrastructure Region” in Melbourne, Australia. This region is intended to allow customers to store their data in Australia and serve their end users with low latency.

This region is intended to provide AWS customers with more options for running their workloads with greater resilience and availability. His new AWS Asia Pacific region in Melbourne is estimated to support an average of over 2,500 full-time jobs per year. Amazon also plans to invest more than his $4.5 billion in Australia by 2037.

Hundreds of thousands of customers including ANZ, little payWhen RMIT Universitycurrently innovating using local AWS infrastructure.

With this launch, developers, startups, entrepreneurs, businesses, governments, educational institutions, and non-profits can get more out of running their applications and serving their end users from AWS data centers located in Australia. you can get a choice.

With the latest Asia Pacific Region launch, AWS now has 99 Availability Zones across 31 geographic regions. AWS also announced plans to launch 12 more Availability Zones and four more AWS Regions in Canada, Israel, New Zealand, and Thailand.

AWS’s $4.5 billion investment covers data center construction, operational costs related to ongoing utility and equipment costs, and purchases of goods and services from local businesses.

of investment It is looking to create jobs in areas such as construction, equipment maintenance, engineering and telecommunications. Overall, by 2037, the construction and operation of new regions will add an estimated $10.6 billion to Australia’s GDP.

“Promoting Local Job Creation, Building Cloud Skills, and Creating Opportunities”

Tim PallasVictoria’s Minister for Trade and Investment, said:

Prasad KalyanaramanVice President of Infrastructure Services at AWS commented on the launch. Kalyanaraman said:

“The AWS Asia Pacific (Melbourne) Region adds to Australia’s ongoing infrastructure expansion and investment since the launch of the AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region in 2012. , build cloud skills, and create opportunities for growth and collaboration with local customers and AWS partners.”

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