Amazon Web Services Looks For Top Web3 Talent

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is looking for top Web3 talent as it prepares to enter this space. This is due to a recent job posting I saw on LinkedIn. This platform is specifically looking for his Web3 Senior GTM Specialist. Successful candidate joins the AWS Web3 Go-To-Market (GTM) team and is responsible for facilitating the use of her Web3 workloads on the platform.

Amazon believes there is a growing demand for decentralized technology. Therefore, we are looking for qualified professionals in this field to expand Web3’s customer base. An ideal candidate should have experience with blockchain, smart contracts, and other her Web3 technologies.

AWS is a cloud computing platform that offers a combination of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and packaged Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings functions as The platform keeps an eye on the latest internet trends and is keen to position itself for the next web.

Web3 is considered to be the next iteration of the Internet. It is decentralized and uses non-fungible tokens to prove ownership. As many companies prepare for this transition, Amazon, through his AWS, is looking to ramp up his Web3 team to provide the solutions and services they need.

Amazon Web Services has decided to offer Web3 solutions and services

The massive adoption is a clear signal of AWS’s commitment to expanding Web3’s offerings as it seeks to reach as many clients as possible in a rapidly evolving field. We don’t yet know what kind of solution is offered, but it shouldn’t deviate too much from what the platform offers. However, they are tailored for Web3 Enterprise.

The news comes a week after rumors circulated that AWS’ parent company was about to jump on Web3 through its own NFT initiative. There are also plans to launch a digital asset business this spring. The company is therefore busy looking for potential partners. These include Layer 1 blockchains, gaming startups, and various digital asset exchanges.

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