An NFT Whale Bought 69 DeGods NFTs for $1m

A pseudonymous NFT collector rocked the world Degods We took the world by storm by purchasing a whopping 69 NFTs for a combined price of about $1 million. A powerful treasure that he is currently migrating to the Ethereum network.

Since its launch, DeGods has generated a lot of interest within the Solana NFT space. SOL raises more trading volumes than any other project on the network. And last month, they announced that they would be moving the project to Ethereum.

In the latest chapter of its story, DeGods has caught the attention of large investors.So, a pseudonymous NFT trader named “Pokeee” spent $1 million from the Magic Eden marketplace where he collected 69 of his DeGods NFTs to sell on the platform. The “sweep the floor” tool.

In a January 13th tweet, Pokeee promised to buy 69 NFTs from the project if it gets 1000 likes on Twitter. He also said he would buy them to support the imminent transition to Ethereum. As a result, tHis tweet garnered nearly 3000 likes, and shortly thereafter a $900,000 purchase rocked the DeGods space.

Pokeee is a very active collector within the NFT community and currently holds several BAYC NFTs as well as his personal ENS domain within his Pokeee.eth wallet. However, his faith in the DeGods project seems to be completely driven by the decision to move to the Ethereum network. So it represents a bold move that can be incredibly lucrative or incredibly costly.

About DeGods

Launched in 2021 as a Solana-based NFT project consisting of 10,000 deflationary PFP NFTs, it has gradually gained traction. According to CryptoSlam, DeGods has earned around $135 million worth of trading volume so far. Last year, Frank-led developer DeLabs rose to fame by launching reward tokens, new artwork, launching y00ts, and winning rights to the BIG3 Basketball League team.

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