Analysts say FET eyes leg up

  • Fetchai prices fell 3% Thursday morning after a double-digit move the previous day.
  • Although prices are likely to fall, analysts say AI is still a strong narrative, which could help FET prices.
  • 96% of FET holders are profitable after’s price jumped more than 70% in February. fell to the $0.45 support level early on Thursday. Native FET prices are trending downward, reflecting the broader crypto market.

In fact, while price printed a double-digit green candle on Monday, the value of the artificial intelligence (AI)-related token is currently testing support near $0.45, with a loss for the day at About 5%.

However, the AI ​​narrative is still trending strongly, and as we have witnessed in the past few weeks, the FET could pick up momentum and record new gains. shows that it remains 70% higher at . Pricing: What Analysts Are Saying About FET In The AI ​​Story

AI-related tokens have outperformed the market in recent weeks. Especially after global tech giants Microsoft and Google poured resources into the sector against the backdrop of massive hype around OpenAI’s Chat GPT. price on daily chart. sauce: TradingView

But has the story run out of steam? According to cryptocurrency trader and analyst Cantering Clarke, that is unlikely.Specifically, analyst To tell AI continues to be one of the hottest trends in the market, so FET may still be showing renewed momentum.

As shown in the chart above, FET has scored a breakout from the triangle pattern on the daily chart. Nevertheless, the bulls hit a hurdle just above $0.48.While there is a possible distribution move, another analyst, he said, also Altcoin Sherpa I think An uptrend is the more likely trajectory. whale activity, FET holders with 96% of profits

Data shows that more than 96% of FET holders are profitable after the recent surge as more people consider buying FETs.Having so many profitable addresses can be involved in potentially profitable transactions, but the money in/out metric IntoTheBlock also shows that nearly 99% are long-term holders.

Only 1% of FETs are held by hands that bought tokens in the last 1-12 months.

In fact, the on-chain analytics platform Santiment also share There has been a recent spike in data showing whale activity on

On the downside, if the overall market sentiment turns negative, the bears could target the near-term demand zone around $0.38 and even go as high as $0.29.

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