Apple threatens to remove Damus from App Store over Bitcoin Lightning payments

Decentralized social media platform dams has been threatened with removal from the App Store for its Zap feature.

zap A payment mechanism powered by Bitcoin Lightning that allows people to tip content creators. Nostle Clients include DAMUS.

“Nostr is a protocol. An open standard that anyone can build. Nostr itself is not an app or service you sign up for.”

According to the App Store review, Damus found Zap to be in violation of Apple’s payment guidelines, notably Zap for digital content hints using Apple’s own “in-app purchase” mechanism (the only one allowed by App Store guidelines). payment mechanism).

The review states that updated compliant apps must be submitted within 14 days. Otherwise, Damus will be removed from the App Store.

Damus launched in February and added 45,000 new users on the first day.

Damus answers

Damus Twitter said that threats to remove the App Store when the team was due to speak at the Oslo Freedom Forum (OFF) were “pretty bad”.

“This was right before I gave a talk at the Freedom Forum in Oslo about how decentralized social networks with lightning integration are bringing financial freedom to the masses.”

off is a group of human rights and democracy activists dedicated to countering global oppression. This year’s event will take place June 13-15.

Damus added that the threat is a tipping point for the app’s integration with Bitcoin Lightning and could set a precedent for whether people can freely conduct peer-to-peer transactions.

An article about Apple threatening to remove Damus from the App Store over Bitcoin Lightning payments first appeared on CryptoSlate.

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