Arbitrium’s Offchain Labs acquires leading Ethereum client

Parent company of Arbitrum off-chain lab announced the acquisition of Prism Institute, Core Ethereum development team.

Prysmatic Labs is the engineering team behind Prysm, Ethereum’s leading consensus layer client. prism is the Ethereum Proof of Stake client that pioneered the Ethereum merge.

Offchain Labs said its move to onboard Prysmatic Labs is rooted in a shared commitment to scaling Ethereum. Offchain Labs has developed Arbitrum, a layer 2 scaling solution that runs as a rollup chain on Ethereum.

Raul Jordan, co-founder of Prysmatic Labs, says the merger is a perfect match as the two teams develop software in the programming language Go and work together to continue shipping software that fuels Ethereum’s success. said it is.

Prysmatic Labs developer Preston Van Loon added:

“Ethereum scaling has never been more important, and this merger will help Ethereum further expand its impact globally,” he added.

The merger is expected to see closer collaboration between the leading Layer 1 and Layer 2 developer teams working to deliver faster technology for scaling Ethereum.

Going forward, Prysmatic Labs developers will join the Offchain Labs core team. However, while building Arbitrium, we will continue to support Prysm and remain a neutral consensus client on Ethereum. The team will also be actively involved in the development of his EIP-4844 data sharding initiative on Ethereum.

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