Arkansas passes right-to-mine bill

The US state of Arkansas has passed a bill aimed at protecting local rights to mine cryptocurrencies. State Legislative Records.

These records show that the bill passed the House and Senate on April 6. It was registered and sent to the governor’s office for approval on April 7.

Titled the Arkansas Data Center Act of 2023, the bill aims to prevent local governments from imposing certain restrictions on crypto mining activities.

The law states that local governments should not create laws specifically applicable to cryptocurrency mining operations, such as targeted noise prevention laws, zoning laws, and business laws. The law also states that mining companies can challenge zoning changes.

Additionally, the bill states that Arkansas utility companies should not charge “unfairly discriminatory fees” to cryptocurrency mining customers.

Two other US states, Missouri and Montana, have passed similar mining protection bills. Other jurisdictions, often below the state level, impose restrictions on mining.

The post of Arkansas passing the mining rights bill first appeared on CryptoSlate.

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