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art blockRenowned generative art NFT collective has joined forces with NFT Gallery bright moment We are launching Metropolis, a groundbreaking new project in the world of NFT. Together with artist Michael Kozlowski, also known as Mpkoz, the two companies have created a unique collection that combines physical and digital art.

The architecture of the five cities where Bright Moments galleries are located (London, Berlin, New York, Mexico City and Los Angeles) inspired the 500 works in the Metropolis collection. This project ties each NFT to a specific city, so it can only be activated by individuals. Slated for release on February 22nd, this collection will offer online mining for all units and in-person mining available only in their respective cities.

Kozlowski, the artist behind the collection, is known for his previous project Chimera, one of OpenSea’s finest generative art collections. He believes Metropolis will help bring generative art to the attention of cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency collectors. According to Kozlowski, the unique face-to-face casting experience that allows collectors to watch the casting process and interact with the artist is what makes this project truly special.

“For collectors, the fact that you don’t know what you’re getting, and the fact that you get to see [the mint] It happens right in front of you while you’re standing next to the artist who made it in a kind of unique situation that corresponds to the particular project you’re creating,” Kozlowski said.

Art Blocks and Bright Moments Partnership

This Art Blocks and Bright Moments collaboration is an important milestone in bridging the gap between NFTs and real-life experiences. Art Blocks tweeted:

The Metropolis Collection is also an important opportunity for collectors to own physical works of art that correspond to NFTs, making the experience of owning NFTs more tangible and interactive. This Art Blocks and Bright Moments partnership is just one example of how the NFT space has evolved, matured, and offered true value and meaning to collectors.

“We are excited to work together to push the boundaries of generative art and make it accessible to a wider audience. can create truly unique and immersive experiences,” tweeted Art Blocks.

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