As Shiba Inu’s Price Prediction Spirals, Metacade Is Set To Soar

The GameFi sector is widely considered to have a more exciting and thriving future than meme coins. In fact, while the cryptocurrency game has seen significant growth and is expected to continue for years to come, the usefulness of memecoins is beginning to go under the microscope. He is one of the meme coins that have been used.

As a result, Shiba Inu price predictions for 2023 are considerably weaker than many GameFi coins, and Metacade in particular captured the imagination of investors during the presale thanks to its unparalleled blueprint to move the GameFi industry forward. I catch

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a new blockchain-based gaming platform that builds a community hub where gamers can hang out, collaborate and play the latest P2E (play-to-earn) titles. This digital video arcade aims to become the largest community of his GameFi titles in the Metaverse, driving innovation in the Web3 games sector.

Gamers can earn passive income beyond the traditional limitations of the platform’s P2E mechanism. All social her interactions with the community, such as writing game reviews, sharing game tips, and participating in live chats, are rewarded with crypto. This can be reinvested into the platform as crypto stakes or experience one of many payouts. – Play titles on any platform.

How does Metacade work?

The native MCADE token will fuel the entire Metacade ecosystem with revenue generated from internal and external sources such as advertising on the platform and the release of non-Metacade titles. This proceeds will provide the basis for crypto rewards and the platform’s ground-breaking meta-grant scheme.

Game developers are encouraged to apply to Metagrants to support the development of new P2E titles exclusively for Metacade. Their submissions are pooled before being presented to the community to vote for their favorites. The most popular game is set to release its first title in the first quarter of 2024 and has received funding to support its creation and development.

This community-driven approach will pass through all aspects of the platform by the end of Q4 2024, with Metacade eventually transitioning to a full-fledged DAO. As part of this transition, Metacade solidifies its position at the forefront of GameFi innovation with the launch of the Work2Earn scheme. Community members can apply for the best of his Web3 and GameFi vacancies at both Metacade and outside companies, pushing their careers and industries to greater heights than ever before.

MCADE Price Prediction: Is $1 Possible in 2023?

MCADE token recently launched a pre-sale event. The beta phase was $0.008 per coin and sold out in 3 weeks. The project has since raised his $4.1 million. This momentum shows no signs of slowing down in the ensuing pre-sale phase as the coin’s value rises to his final final price of $0.02 at the end of the event.

The platform’s compelling and multifaceted roadmap ensures a long-term future for Metacade to spearhead the GameFi revolution. MCADE is expected to break the $1 barrier in 2023 as the pre-sale is expected to sell out completely in nine phases and demand is expected to surge once the MCADE coin hits exchanges. .

What is a Shiba Inu (SHIB)?

Shiba Inu raised awareness among cryptocurrency fans when 50% of the platform’s total cryptocurrency supply was transferred to Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin’s wallet in October 2021. Buterin famously burned his 90% of these coins worth $6.7 billion, which gave Shiba Inu a lot of publicity and temporarily boosted Shiba Inu price predictions.

Since coming onto the scene with this stunt, Shiba Inu has gained a reputation as a stable memecoin, aiming to become the largest in the sector by market capitalization. By developing a solution, it announced plans to add it to its offerings. This greatly increases the use cases and customer base.

Shiba Inu encourages more dApp developers to migrate to Shibarium with the promise of faster and cheaper transactions than those offered by Ethereum’s Layer 1 solutions, and the liquidity provided by the SHIB token. and utility.

SHIB Price Prediction: Will SHIB Reach $0.0001?

Utility Memecoins are notorious for their extremely low market value due to the lack of anything to offer. struggling to achieve coin heights in the crypto market sector.

Currently, SHIB is trading at $0.000009002 and has a lot of work to do to reach its all-time high of $0.000088. Much depends on the successful rollout of Shibarium. $0.0001 looks achievable if the upgrade is successful and dApp developers flock to the new platform.

Is MCADE a good investment?

The MCADE pre-sale event has already proven to be a great investment opportunity and is expected to bring significant returns to early investors taking advantage of the current $0.012 price.

Indeed, when compared to the sluggish Shiba Inu price predictions for 2023, MCADE’s potential becomes even more apparent. With MCADE prices increasing at each stage of the pre-sale event, it’s time for investors to secure the best possible price and maximize their returns.

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You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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