Astar Network’s XVM feature launches on public testnet

  • Astar Network’s Cross-Virtual Machine (XVM) feature was unveiled on public testnet Shibuya.

  • This feature enables multi-chain use cases within the ecosystem.

  • XVM allows smart contracts in one virtual machine to communicate with another virtual machine.

XVM Now Available on Public Testnet

Astar Network, a multi-chain smart contract platform, announced the launch of its cross-virtual machine (XVM) feature on public testnet Shibuya on Monday, January 9.

In a press release shared with Coinjournal, Astar Network said that XVM will provide a project to build seamless interoperability on the network between different smart contract environments such as Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and WebAssembly (WASM). said.

XVM is a custom palette, a set of interfaces that allow smart contracts in one virtual machine to communicate with another virtual machine as if they were in the same environment. The XVM testnet can make bi-directional calls between EVM and WASM smart contracts.

this latest cryptocurrency news is the first major product to be announced as part of Astar Network’s 2023 Starmap.

Commenting on the launch of the XVM public testnet, Astar Network Chief Technology Officer Hoon Kim said:

“We have worked hard to lay the foundation for the future regardless of the external influences that are happening today. Proud of Cross-Virtual Machine (XVM), which marks the beginning of the next wave of innovation for dApps, Astar offers interoperability with other parachains via XCM (Cross-chain Messaging) It not only has the ability to have , but it also has interoperability between different smart contract environments.”

Developers can try the XVM developer kit

Astar Network explained that using XVM will work seamlessly regardless of what language the smart contract is written in or what smart contract environment you are using.

Additionally, this feature allows developers to build cross-chain projects and experiment with the XVM developer toolkit. Developers can also leverage their user base and assets across multiple smart contract environments rather than being locked into one smart contract environment.

XVM capabilities allow developers to create a multitude of complex applications with a variety of use cases, rather than simply bridging fluidity from EVM to WASM.Launch in just 3 weeks Aster Network Wins Awarded Product of the Year at the 4th Blockchain Awards sponsored by the Japan Blockchain Association.

Astar Network supports building dApps using EVM and WASM smart contracts, using cross-consensus messaging (XCM) and cross-virtual machine (XVM) to provide true interoperability for developers.

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