Atomic Hub Introduces Carbon Offset Feature

A constant criticism of the NFT space is that it contributes to carbon emissions due to its high energy usage. Popular NFT Marketplace, atomic hubwhich is fighting this through New carbon offset feature.

A new marketplace initiative in partnership with Meta Carbon allows users to offset the carbon emissions resulting from trading.

Sustainable NFTs

AtomicHub users can choose projects to offset their emissions by purchasing NFTs from the secondary market. At the point of sale, options are granted that will be considered in the final purchase price.

Users can also access data showing how much carbon emissions have been offset in each collection. In total, five beneficiary projects have been selected by Atomic Hub for this initiative. This gives users the satisfaction of having made more renewable purchases. Additionally, there are two types of his NFTs that can potentially be earned from carbon offsets.

The first of these is a non-transferable NFT receipt showing the amount of carbon offset. The second is his NFT from the high quality collection, with different rarity values ​​given to users offsetting the most carbon each month.

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