Average BTC block size reaches new ATH at over 2 MB

Glassnode data analyzed by crypto slate shows that the average block size of Bitcoin (BTC) has reached an all-time high of 2.25 megabytes (MB).

BTC average block size (Source: Glassnode)

The chart above shows the average block size of BTC since early 2022. A recent spike has pushed the block size past 2MB. This data shows that the block size continues to increase during writes.

Block size reflects the amount of data stored in one block. 1MB size blocks have Enough space to store 2000+ transactions.

At launch, BTC had a maximum block size of 1 MB. However, in July 2019, he performed a planned hard fork on the BTC blockchain, increasing the block size up to 2 MB.This size Extended Can be expanded up to 4 MB with SegWit.

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