Bad Cinderella Brings NFTs to Broadway

long awaited musical “Bad Cinderella” is the latest theatrical production to launch the NFT collection. The ‘Queen’s VIP Pass’ is the musical’s first ever digital collectible, providing fans with early access to behind-the-scenes content, digital merchandise, art, and exclusive access to The Kingdom and other fan-related content for the first time. increase. The show opens on Broadway. Additionally, if you acquire all his NFTs from the series to complete the “Queen’s Collection”, you will receive a special bonus NFT, which is a digital poster combining artwork from the Bad Cinderella show. Those who collect the full set of collectibles will enter a contest to win her one of ten autographed physical merchandise of Bad Cinderella art posters, both online and in theaters.

Broadway Exchange and Bad Cinderella have taken innovative approaches that combine art and technology in their projects. Powered by the Flow blockchain and available for free on the marketplace, the show has created limited edition digital collectibles to support performances and artists. This idea is a great way to promote your show and get more people to watch it. Based on blockchain technology, NFTs ensure ownership and authenticity of digital objects, making them valuable assets in the music and arts industry. By using digital tokens, these unique items should become very popular.

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new musical uses NFTs

With an Oscar-winning script by Emerald Fennel, music by acclaimed composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, and lyrics by Tony Award-winning David Zippel, the new musical Bad Cinderella tells a classic story in a whole new way. The Imperial Theater, where Lindy Genao plays the role of Cinderella, will begin performances on February 17th and will open on March 23rd.

The musical Bad Cinderella, which premiered in the West End in 2021 under the title Cinderella, is a new take on the classic fairy tale. The show challenged traditional dynamics of power and portrayal of princess archetypes in fairytale romances. And many cast members were stunned by the sudden news. On October 3, 2022, the show announced its move to Broadway with a new name and cast.

The Bad Cinderella team is thrilled to offer fans the opportunity to own a production of the musical. They also created an animated music video in which the characters “dance” to the theme song. The NFT Collection is the latest example of a Broadway production using blockchain to interact with fans.

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