Beast Kingdom Brings Forth Ultraman Phygital Series

Ultraman fans will be able to purchase their favorite rare digital collections starting March 1st at 12pm UTC. The Ultraman Phygital series consists of his two parts, the Digital Collectible (NFT) and the Physical Figure.

Thanks to Ultraman’s phygital project beast kingdom, is the platform behind the most popular collectibles. According to its team, the drop commemorates several anniversaries integral to Ultraman, including 55 and 25 years since the birth of the Japanese pop culture Ultraman Tiga 15th anniversaryth Ultraman Mebius and 10th Anniversaryth Anniversary of Ultraman Zero.

According to an official statement, the Ultraman NFTs will be delivered through a “Standard” pack containing 5 NFTs and a “Premium” pack containing 15, each containing various rarities. In total, there are 6 different rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Exotic, and Mythic. “Mythical, exotic, and specific combinations of NFTs that reward their owners with redemption tokens that can be redeemed for limited-edition physical figurines.”

What do I need to participate in the Ultraman Phygital series sale?

That said, the Early Bird Sale will start on March 1st at 12pm UTC, and the main sale will take place after that (currently TBA).

NFTs are atomic hub, fans will need to create a WAX compatible wallet to participate in the drop. For standard and premium eggs (packs), fans can purchase using credit/debit cards and her WAXP tokens. Each transaction has a purchase limit, but fans can re-enter the queue any number of times as long as the drop is valid.

In total, there will be over 300,000 digital collections and over 20,000 exclusive figurines. This phygital series offers fans of the iconic character a whole new way to experience Ultraman.

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