Belvo Open Finance Solution Builds on Brazil’s Pix Offering for Smoother Payments


BelvoLatin America’s open finance data and payments platform, as a central bank regulated entity, will launch a payments initiation solution within the scope of Brazilian regulated open finance.

The solution aims to improve the experience for businesses accepting Pix payments, an instant money transfer tool that has been integrated as the most used payment method in the country, with over 26 billion operations in its two years of operation. is taking place.

This open financial payment solution allows users to initiate Pix payments directly within third-party environments with less friction than traditional Pix methods such as QR codes or Pix Copy Paste. These improvements increase conversion rates, optimize user experience, and reduce the risk of fraud.

Start of Open Finance payments Applicable for several use cases. From e-commerce checkouts to collection flows (such as loan installments), it replaces methods such as boletos and BolePix. For these players, model means all the conveniences of Pix, including low costs and instant checkout. In addition to being fully compliant with the Bank of Brazil’s regulatory requirements, it also increases conversion rates and provides a more secure experience.

“We are very excited to launch our payment solution in Brazil and offer our customers a product that can leverage the potential of Pix in terms of conversion and convenience.” Albert Morales, General Manager of Belvo, Brazil. “This open financial payment solution also brings an additional layer of security to the table due to its account-to-account (A2A) nature with automatic redirection. All in an optimized user experience for both customers and merchants. , operating costs are reduced.”

Embedding the solution

vipa, a platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, was one of the first Belvo customers to incorporate the solution. “ has the goal of streamlining the Bitcoin buying and selling process. With Belvo’s open financial payment solution, customers don’t have to spend time on regular Pix processes like copy-paste and QR codes. You can top up your account and buy bitcoin without having to pay, which will improve the user experience in your app.” Lewis ParreiraCEO of Bipa.

The new flow will automatically redirect the user to their bank account to initiate a Pix transaction. No need to copy and paste or scan QR codes. This allows transactions to be successfully completed in fewer steps. In addition, it greatly improves operational security for both clients and merchants. Users will have to authenticate directly from their bank account, ensuring that only payments approved by all parties are processed.

Transforming Account-to-Account Payments in Latin America

Belvo recently doubled down on its bet to transform A2A payments in Latin America, after solidifying itself as the leading open finance platform in Latin America with its data aggregation and enrichment solutions.

Company launches open financial-based solutions in Colombia For merchants and fintechs who accept Pagos Seguros en Línea (PSE) to provide a better user experience. Already in the country, he has over 20,000 businesses accepting this A2A payment method, overtaking credit cards for online purchases. Now, Belvo hopes to see even more adoption.

These launches are part of Belvo’s commitment to helping businesses leverage open finance capabilities to connect to main bank payment rails across Latin America. It aims to easily embed payment initiation solutions into websites and apps with improved user journeys for conversion.

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