Binance (BNB/USD) initiates a mini breakout

  • Binance Coin Exceeds $295

  • Crypto critic Roubini slams ‘questionable’ Binance

  • Crypto could hit $330 soon, $360 next

binance (BNB/USD) Pushed Above $295 With Crypto On Course Above $300. BNB has since fallen to $292 with a small resistance zone around $295. Investors will want to know if the current slowdown is a correction and the price could take him to $330. However, Binance has also come under severe criticism since then.

Renowned cryptocurrency commentator Nouriel Roubini sees the Binance cryptocurrency exchange as akin to the collapse of FTX. Binance is “much worse and more fishy,” he says. “Mr. Doom” from 2008 he accurately predicted the 2009 financial crisis. Therefore, his words may carry some weight.

Roubini said Binance never revealed its headquarters. In his view, BNB is an even riskier investment than FTT, given that FTX was already headquartered in the Bahamas. Roubini describes BNB as “the same fraudulent vaporware” and warns that 87% of the cryptocurrency he has is hidden in one wallet. He also questions Binance’s management of crypto assets.

Additionally, Roubini expressed concern about the Binance audit. According to him, the exchange is audited by the same agency as his FTX. Economists believe Binance may not have an audit. Roubini points out that the recent crypto reserve request by his CEO of Binance is just a gimmick. He warns that Binance customers will lose their money forever.

Amid harsh words, Binance has shown resilience. BNB’s potential recovery may be underway during the intraday correction.

BNB Corrects Slightly To $295 Zone

BNB chart by TradingView

On the daily chart, BNB is correcting after a stinging attack by Roubini. The cryptocurrency will move from minor resistance to support or trade just below it.

Technical indicators are bullish. The MACD indicator has started a bullish crossover. The RSI has broken above the midpoint of the buyer’s entry.

What next for BNB?

The recent attacks on Binance have added pressure, but that could soon diminish. BNB Price We can stay bullish and target $330 next. From there, the next level in cryptocurrency is $360.

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