Binance’s Changpeng Zhao Shocked After Seeing Kevin O’Leary’s Interview

Armand Sirignan

CEO of one of the world’s biggest exchanges believes celebrity investors don’t understand what he’s talking about

The CEO of the largest cryptocurrency exchange on the market was shocked to hear an interview with Kevin O’Leary, who has specifically defended and supported the CEO of a bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange. FTX Exchange, Sam Bankman Fried. However, after a recent interview, CZ Mr. Wonderful said confidently that he was in line with the scammers.

According to CZ, Binance exited FTX 1.5 years ago in July 2021. Since then, FTX has not been conservative with its investments. The company has redistributed approximately $5.5 billion to hundreds of companies. Some fund managers who skimmed through FTX’s sheets emphasized the “spray and play” nature of the strategy, as no pattern of investment behavior was discovered.

Alameda and FTX have invested in “myriad” companies in disparate sectors, raising questions about the efficiency of these investments.

On top of that, highlights CZ, FTX has spent money on Miami Stadium, multiple Super Bowl ads, F1, and more, but no mention of luxury real estate.

However, SBF’s actions did not surprise Binance’s CEO. CZ said, based on an interview with Squawk Box, that O’Leary ignored “the greatest financial crime of all time” and seemed unacknowledged for what SBF really did.

Per CZ, unlike celebrities InvestorBinance continues to conduct due diligence after making investments to safely exit Alameda and FTX trades over a year and a half ago. This was long before the implosion and further bankruptcy of exchanges and Alameda funds.

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