BinaryX Releases Concept Art for World Building MMO CyberLand

Singapore, Singapore, 24 November 2022, Chainwire

Binary X has confirmed that it is working on a new free-to-play, play-to-own game. Cyberland, an open-world MMO using blockchain technology. The team has released a concept video showing a first look at the game’s terrain and features.

Free to play, play to own

CyberLand marks BinaryX’s official move away from the play-to-earn model and is the first play-to-earn game in the Metaverse. As a play-to-own game, players have a high degree of freedom in resource production. Players can choose to develop their own assets, construct their own buildings, and grow their own products and materials to build their empire. These assets can also be fully traded on the open market.

Not only is it visually impressive and fun to play, the team wants the player to feel a greater sense of ownership and enjoy the game for much longer than the typical Web3. We wanted to create a game that could create value. game.

Story of Cyberland

A player’s journey in the game begins in a pristine open world with abundant natural resources. Players must then explore a vast land to find resources, invent technology, develop the land to survive, and eventually build an empire. This game is similar to his traditional 4X strategy game. Players can write their own story and decide their own destiny in-game.

Players face off against dangerous monsters in the land. The stronger the monster, the more valuable the resource. Players must counter monster threats while collecting resources.

Four lands of Cyberland

Cyberlands currently consist of four terrain types: snowfields, plains, deserts, and swamps. Each land type has its own resources and is guarded by different monsters. Resources are unknown to the player at the start of the game, and it is up to the player to search, mine, or hunt their own resources. The name of the game is Property Ownership. This means that the player can own the purchased land as his NFT.

100% player-driven off-chain trading economy

The game consists of a completely off-chain in-game trading marketplace. All transactions for in-game resources can be completed in-game without incurring gas charges. It can also be transferred to on-chain assets and he can also trade on DEX and CEX respectively.

Also, the marketplace is completely player-driven. This means that players can trade their land on the marketplace and determine the price of land and resources by selling goods produced from their land on the marketplace. The game also mimics a real trading economy in a peer-to-peer marketplace where the supply and demand of resources sold in the marketplace directly affect the price of the resource in the marketplace.

CyberLand uses $BNX as its primary native currency. $BNX can be used to purchase land in-game or as rewards for players participating in leaderboard contests.

Upcoming features

In preparation for the beta release, the BinaryX team is working on developing more cool features for the game. This includes the introduction of SocialFi features that allow players to create, manage and upload monetized content on shared networks while expanding their empires.

The team is also working on an on-chain wallet for seamless in-game cryptocurrency transactions, and is designing new playable areas and maps for future DLC releases.

“CyberLand is our attempt to make Web3 games bigger and better. We hope it will be the first of a great game. The team is working hard on the beta of the game, so players can try it out and explore the possibilities of new free-to-play, play-to-own games for themselves. You can see it with your own eyes.Thanks to the community for their support, we are here to stay.” – Chun Sim, Global Head of Business Operations and Development at BinaryX.

Click here for the concept video

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