BitBoy Crypto sues fellow YouTuber Atozy for defamation over shilling claims

Two prominent YouTube content creators are set to lock horns in a legal battle over a cryptocurrency video allegedly promoting a scammed project.

Bitboy Crypto, a YouTube channel founded by Ben Armstrong, produces a variety of content focused on cryptocurrency news, projects, tokens, and trading advice. The channel has been active since his February 2018 and has over 1.4 million subscribers.

The channel is known for its news stories and deal-focused videos with headlines like “Top 3 coins surpassing Ethereum! (Strong short-term play)” Represents the type of content delivered to the viewer.

Although these videos are intended to provide trading advice, the channel states that Armstrong is “a professional advisor in areas of business involving finance, cryptocurrencies, taxation, securities and commodities trading, or legal practice.” There is a disclaimer that clearly states that it is not.The content on the channel states that it is for general informational purposes only.

Bitboy Crypto has responded in the past to criticism from the wider crypto community for allegedly misleading viewers about various tokens and projects.Armstrong attempted to refute these allegations, a prime example of which is fierce podcast Conversation hosted by crypto investor Anthony Pompliano in November 2021.

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An incident involving comments posted by another YouTuber on a 2020 BitBoy video prompted Armstrong to seek legal recourse. Erling Mengshoel Jr, better known by his YouTube channel name Atozy, came across a now-deleted video on his Bitboy channel in 2020 promoting a project called Pamp Network He Token.

According to reports from the founders, the project ended on a sour note as investors were left empty-handed.street data According to Coingecko, PAMP tokens are worth less than $1, starting from an all-time high of $2.73 in July 2020.

In the wake of PAMP’s failure, Atozy revisited Bitboy’s video and posted a comment labeling Armstrong as “shady” to mislead viewers. Atozy made a full video on his channel in November 2021. “This YouTuber is deceiving his fans…Bitboy Crypto”Armstrong claimed he had been disingenuous as a self-proclaimed cryptocurrency expert to facilitate a project that eventually crashed.

armstrong official submitted A federal complaint against Mengshoel was filed August 12 in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia in Atlanta, alleging numerous claims including defamation, infliction of emotional distress, and unlawful interference with business or potential business relationships. was done.

Mengshoel eventually appeared in court a few days later at his home, enlisting the support of viewers and the cryptocurrency community to deal with what he described as a “frivolous” lawsuit from Armstrong.

Mengshoel has since set up a GoFundMe account to tackle the lawsuit head-on, and Armstrong is seeking damages and $75,000 worth of legal fees. GoFundMe has received over $20,000 in 24 hours since its inception, and to date he has over 450 contributors.

Cointelegraph has solicited comments from both parties regarding the proceedings and will update this article accordingly.