Bitcoin core developer distances himself from NFTs using his code without permission

Bitcoin (BTC) core developer Luke Dash Jr. has distanced himself from an NFT that auctioned his code for 0.41 BTC.

dash jar Said He added that he was not involved in creating or selling the NFTs and did not agree to use his code or name for that purpose. He said:

“Third parties are marketing my name and my code for their own financial gain.”

Dashjr goes on to say that the creators of the NFT offered him 90% of the proceeds, explaining that this was a clear attempt to “buy” him out to silence him or get his consent.

However, the developer rejected the offer and asked the creator to refund 100% of the funds to the NFT purchaser.

He concluded:

“I felt obligated to speak up, not only for myself, but also for other Bitcoin developers in similar situations. The amount offered is substantial. I do not condone it. ”

Meanwhile, Scare City — a marketplace where NFTs are auctioned — offer Refund the buyer or donate funds to OpenSats.

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