Bitget partners with Capitual to participate in Brazil CBDC project

Crypto exchange Bitget (BGB) announced Partnership with fintech company Capital to participate in Brazil’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) project.

Capital is one of the key partners of the Central Bank of Brazil, helping it explore CBDCs.

As report In January, Brazil and Argentina are considering launching a joint CBDC protocol. The duo also aim to develop a common strategy for their region.

Bitget is also looking to capitalize on this connection and has pursued Capital to join Argentina’s CBDC efforts. In addition to playing a role in CBDC projects, the exchange also aims to strengthen its ties with the region and extend its reach to “government level” initiatives.

Commenting on the exchange’s goals for the region, Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget, said:

“Latin America is a market with great growth potential for our business and we want to better understand the market by putting more focus on the region in our roadmap going forward…

We are also considering a CBDC project with Capital and appreciate the opportunity to contribute in many aspects of this field. “

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