Blur Gets Creative to Avoid the OpenSea Blocklist

A popular market after last year’s back and forth high seas has finally tackled the ongoing NFT usage debate and implemented some tools to enforce it. One of these was the blocklist, which essentially allowed users to stop marketplaces that didn’t respect their loyalty from listing their assets. However, the tool doesn’t seem entirely foolproof, as NFT market aggregator Blur was able to find a loophole in the OpenSea blocklist system.

How Blur Beats OpenSea

Interestingly, Blur was able to bypass OpenSea’s blocklist by leveraging Seaport, a Web3 marketplace tool launched by OpenSea in June 2023. Blur was able to make a list because the rules that apply to OpenSea regarding royalties have not yet applied to Seaport. Get assets from it without breaking any rules.

This simple but effective loophole allowed Blur to get its foot in OpenSea even though it was on the blocklist. This appears to be part of a new development on the Blur side, which is poised to break new ground in the industry according to recent announcements from the marketplace ahead of the launch of the native $BLUR token.

So far, OpenSea has not responded to this development.

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