Canadian Payments Market Takes Giant Steps With New Products and Partnerships

Recognizing consumer payment preferences is essential for businesses to succeed. Canadian organizations show they are aware of this trend. They launch new services and announce partnerships to help them achieve the ultimate in consumer satisfaction.

Clik2pay Announces Bank Payments for Shopify Stores

Canadian payment service provider Click2pay I have developed an application that allows Shopify Offer your customers a direct payment option from their account.

Popular eyewear company is first business to use new app on Shopify Olly Quinn, went live successfully with Clik2pay this month. Businesses like Ollie Quinn can now offer their customers the option to pay directly from their bank account. This eliminates the need to rely on credit cards for online purchases. When using Clik2pay, payment is completed safely and securely. Interac e-Transferremittance system.

Mike Bradley, Founder and CEO of Clik2pay

Clik2pay is the first in Canada to offer businesses secure real-time payments directly from their customers’ bank accounts. Clik2pay enables businesses to expand their customer base by bringing online payments to millions of Canadians without credit cards, while reducing payment processing fees by up to 50%. Survey data shows that over 40% of Canadians prefer to pay from their bank accounts.

“Customers love paying with debit cards in stores. Accepting Clik2pay allows businesses to offer the same experience online.” microphone BradleyFounder and CEO of Clik2pay.

“Adding the new Clik2pay app to your Shopify store is as easy as drag and drop. This provides businesses with a smooth, fast and secure process to enable payments from all their customers. It’s not just people who have cards.”

Started payment partnerships with Provincial Credit Union and Clearly Payments

region credit UnionAtlantic Canada Credit Union, and clearly paymenta payment processor based in Canada, partnership To provide credit card processing and other merchant services to credit union members.

The partnership between the two institutions will provide an innovative payment solution for accepting credit cards online. This happens in physical stores, offices, and mobile businesses. In addition to payment technology, credit union members have access to world-class customer service at low cost.

Credit union members can receive payments in a variety of ways and access real-time transaction data. Additionally, Clearly Payments provides all the hardware and software businesses need for e-commerce, recurring billing, physical his POS, software integrations, credit card machines and mobile payments.

Clearly Payments CEO Chris Farmer said:
Clearly Payments CEO Chris Farmer said:

“The use of Clearly Payments by state credit unions is a perfect example of modern collaboration between financial institutions and fintech companies.” Chris farmerCEO of Clearly Payments.

“This partnership will leverage the best of our companies to create mutually beneficial relationships. We are expanding our customer base and local credit unions are expanding their relationships with members. Additionally, our mutual customers generate revenue through our award-winning payment processing services.”

“Clearly Payments’ technology and world-class support made this joint partnership an easy decision. Jason CollectionDirector of Business Services, Provincial Credit Union.

“Ultimately, we wanted to find a reliable solution that offered low fees and superior payment services to our community-focused members.”

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