Cardano CEO says Ripple v. SEC case might be settled by Dec. 15, warns of ‘catastrophic’ impact

Cardano (ADA), founder of Charles Hoskinson, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and blockchain Hard ripple.

Hoskinson said unconfirmed reports suggest the final ruling could be read out by Dec. 15, but warned that the outcome could have “devastating” repercussions in general. cryptocurrency sectorhe Said In a videocast on December 10th.

Hoskinson, however, will remain committed to decentralized finance (DeFi) Space is in the hands of the people, not the government.

“We have heard rumors that the Ripple lawsuit will be settled on December 15th, which could have devastating effects on the industry. But you just keep moving forward. But it’s a decentralized ecosystem that you control.The United States can’t say if Cardano lives or dies.You do, world.That’s the point of a decentralized ecosystem,” said Hoskinson. said.

Meanwhile, Hoskinson found himself on the wrong side of the Ripple community over comments he made about the incident.

As report According to Finbolt, Hoskinson received backlash online. XRP Fans After He Says Ripple Is Under SEC Investigation For Uncertainty ruleBut he fight back against trolls Note that he was misquoted.

Ripple and SEC Make Final Filings

Hoskinson’s comments, in particular, come after both parties have final submission Judgment pending. In fact, at some point, the cryptocurrency sector has been riddled with speculation that a ruling could be handed down in Ripple’s favor after a string of minor victories.

Several of the successful cases have indicated that the courts will accept submissions by companies and individuals who support Ripple. At the same time, Ripple, in his defense, accused the SEC of: conflict of interest By declaring that Ethereum (ethereum) is not a security, but XRP is.

Moreover, it is worth noting that legal experts express different views regarding the potential outcomes of litigation. report According to Finbold, US attorney Jeremy Hogan predicted at least four outcomes from the case.

He pointed out that Ripple could win, lose or end in a draw. However, he stressed that a draw was not viable due to the lawsuit’s impact on the crypto space.At the same time, he said the case could result in an unexpected verdict.

Watch the full video below.

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